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My Approach

I am a Humanistic Counsellor, having trained in Existential and Gestalt therapy, while also drawing on elements of Person-centred therapy. I first took a therapy training course in 2004, and I now combine different elements of these approaches. I believe that we all act and re-act in relation to our environment and that we make sense of ourselves and of the world by using all parts of ourselves: by thinking, feeling and living in our body, to form our unique, personal experience. I also believe that given enough support (in the form of love, closeness and feeling understood), we all have the capacity to learn, grow, and become more fulfilled.

Often, however, the support we need is not present, causing us to feel pain, un-ease, frustration, and maybe even leading to guilt, shame, depression, eating disorders, self-harm, low self esteem, addiction, anxiety, panic and so on. As children we may have learned to be a certain way, and developed certain patterns or character traits that we once used to shield of us from harm, which now, as adults, no longer serve us. As a counsellor I am interested in how we create our own meaning by using all that we have available to us. My aim is to allow you, the client, a supportive and accepting environment during counselling, that can enable you to hear your own voice more clearly.

A therapeutic relationship with an empathic counsellor can allow for growth and awareness, and the relationship itself can become a source of healing. As we learn to better accept ourselves and become more attuned to our needs and wants through an authentic relationship, we can allow ourselves to live in a more compassionate and fulfilled way. However, I am not the expert on your experience - you are - and our work together is a collaboration. I do not have a magic wand - my aim is to support you. Counselling can be a struggle and it can be challenging, and change does not happen overnight. You may feel yourself being vulnerable and unsure. And at other times, you may even enjoy it. In counselling, there is room for tears, sadness, anger, and darkness, as well as laughter and light. I consider myself fortunate to be a counsellor, and privileged to have accompanied my clients through difficult and distressing times. The therapy space is unlike any other, and if we work together I will encourage you to explore, in the present moment, what therapy can be for you.

I have experience of working with clients from a range of ages, sexualities, ethnicities, backgrounds and cultures. My practice is GSRD (Gender, sexuality and relationship diversity) and LGBTQIA+ aware and inclusive. I will welcome you however you self-identify your sexual orientation and gender, whether it be gay, lesbian, queer, bisexual, bi-curious, heterosexual, questioning, asexual, transgender, female, male or non-binary.

I have worked with clients who have experienced the following issues:

-generalised anxiety disorder (GAD)
-panic attacks
-trauma (childhood / adulthood, and the impact of trauma)
-relationship breakdowns and difficulties
-GSRD: gender, sexuality and relationship diversity
-sex and intimacy
-sexual identity and sexual orientation, queer issues and coming out.
-non-binary identity
-gender dysphoria & euphoria
-gender expression
-the impact of coronavirus / covid-19
-work-related concerns
-working from home
-abuse (emotional, physical, sexual, neglect, self-abuse)
-loss (of a loved one, a pet, the past, health, home, culture)
-cultural identity
-depression and low mood
-difficulty relating and connecting to others
-physical health conditions
-body shame and body discomfort
-low self-esteem
-family conflict

If you are considering having counselling, please have a look at the rest of my site. How To Begin might be helpful.

My Training, Qualifications & Experience:
-Foundation Year in Counselling and Psychotherapy, NSPC, London
-Diploma in Counselling, The Gestalt Centre, London
-Certificate in Psychosexual Therapy, NAOS Institute
-Certificate in Somatic Trauma Therapy - in process/pending - Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre
-Certificate in Group Facilitation - in process/pending - The Gestalt Centre, London
-The Centre For Better Health, Hackney, London (one year as an honorary counsellor)
-SHP Single Homeless Project (one year as an honorary counsellor)

-I also have a BA Honours in English Literature from UEA, Norwich.
-I have taken various short courses/training programmes in complex trauma and group work.

Professional Membership:
-BACP Registered Member.
I adhere to the BACP's Ethical Framework and Good Practice in Action
-Professional Standards Authority Accredited Register
-ICO (Information Commissioner's Office) Membership
-Member of The Gestalt Centre, London

I work with individuals only (not couples), and adults only over the age of 18.
I meet regularly with a clinical supervisor to review and support my work.
I attend regular CPD (Continuing Professional Development)

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